Cameleon face paint


Cameleon Pro Face Paints

Rainbow Wow   
$10.00 Sale
 $10.00 Sale
0.00 sale
(Pearl) Venus
 $12.00 Sale

NEW !!!  Cameleon Inkheart
$8     30g

Cameleon Bollywood
$8   30g

Cameleon White
30g = $8  --> in stock
45g = $11 --> back soon

NEW !!  Cameleon UV GLOW RED
$11    30g

NEW !!!
Cameleon UV GLOW Starlight WHITE   $11    30g

NEW !! Cameleon Mimi Green
$8     30g

NEW !!! Cameleon UV GLOW

NEW !!  Cameleon Midnight Blue
$8    30g

NEW !!! Cameleon Frog Green
$8   30g

NEW !!! Cameleon Sea Blue
$8    30g

Cameleon Velvet Black
$8     30g

Cameleon  Marshmallow
$8   30g

Cameleon UV
Toxic Yellow  
 $11  30g

Cameleon UV
Pink Flamingo  30g  $11

Cameleon Cotton Candy $8    30g

Cameleon UV    30g
 Kryptonite   $11 

Cameleon UV
Orange Foxy    $11   30g

Cameleon Robin's Egg
$8    30g

Cameleon Banana Yellow
$8   30g
Cameleon Marina Yellow 
$8   30g

Cameleon  Oscar Gold
$11    30g

Cameleon Blood Red
$8    30g 

Cameleon  Plum Fairy
 $11   30g

Cameleon  Celedon 
$8    30g

Cameleon  Orange Juice $8    30g

Cameleon Victorious
$11    30g

Cameleon Teal 
 $8   30g
Cameleon face paint leeloo lilac
Cameleon LeeLoo  
 $8     30g 

Cameleon Purdy Purple
$8   30g

Cameleon  Clover Green
 $8    30g

Cameleon Macchiato 
$8   30g

Cameleon  Purple Poison 
$8    30g

Cameleon Wicked Green
$7    30g
Cameleon face paint coffee brown
Cameleon Coffee Brown  $8   30g

Cameleon  Purple Heart $11      30g

Cameleon Rose Sugar
 $11       30g
Cameleon Silver
 $11   30g
Cameleon face paint crystal white
Cameleon  Crystal White
$11   30g
All of our face paints are professional, highly pigmented, water-based & easy to use.. 
They provide excellent coverage & vivid colors!   Cameleon face paint #cameleonfacepaint
Safe Face Paint:   We use *only* the best products on the market..
For anyone interested in ingredients & MSDS sheets on our paints,
email us.


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