PopArt Glitter Gels


PopArt Super Sparkly Cosmetic Glitter Gels

Hot Pink Glow * Dark Teal * Hot Orange Glow * Island Blue * Gold * Royal Purple * Red
PopArt is the new go-to line in the world of glitter gels for face and body art.
They come in a variety of beautifully eye popping colors to enhance any design.
They are made with a specially formulated aloe mix with thickeners/emulsifiers so that they go on better, dry better, and hold up better than the rest.

Use them for edging/outlining your designs, or add shapes to create faux jewels.  You can also use them as a washable alternative to henna art. 
The Hot Pink and Hot Orange glow incredibly well under blacklight! 
$5 each, or buy one, get one half off !!!
Fun-Factory-PopArt-Glitter-Gels Swatch
Quick swatches... Glow party blacklight UV reactive neon bling glitter gels.


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