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Rhinestone Face Painter
Bling Aprons

Our SUPER sparkly bling aprons come in 3 colors.  The black aprons are long (knee length-ish), and the pink & light blue aprons are shorter.  They all have front pockets.   
Email us with any questions. Thanks!
Rainbow Face Painter CUSTOM Aprons   $30
Customize your apron with YOUR business name or website! 
These are gorgeously decorated with special rainbow lettering that will make YOU stand out in the crowd.  We can also swap the rainbow letters for plain white. (Other colors coming soon!)
These black aprons are knee length (shortening available), and they have 2 front pockets.
Email us with any questions. Thanks!
Apron-face-painter-rhinestone-bling-sparkle-RainbowApron custom logo rainbow face painter artist balloonsApron custom logo rainbow htv face painter artist balloons
Rhinestone-Rainbow-Face-Painter-Bling-Shirts & Aprons
We offer several styles in various colors & sizes.  If you would like a size or color not shown here,
please let us know, and we will do our best to get your perfect shirt or apron made for you. !

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