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Sponsorship & Donation  Requests


Thank you for reaching out to The Classy Clown / Midwest Fun Factory, inc. for support in your charitable or project.


We frequently receive requests for event sponsorships, fundraising donations, or offers of advertising in return for discounts or product.  

To be fair to every organization, and to reduce the time needed to review these requests,
the following is our program:


1. For every $50 that an organization spends with us to prepare for a fundraising event,
       we will donate a helium bouquet of 5, 11” balloons - to a MAXIMUM of 20 balloons - for the event.


2. This excludes Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween, Valentine’s and other similar holidays.

      In addition, the decision to create balloon bouquets is at the manager’s discretion and may be declined for other reason (the shop is too busy,  too late in the day, etc.)  

3. The donation request must be in writing, on the organization’s letterhead.

4. The balloons cannot be “banked” for another occasion.

5. Note that quantity discounts are already in place, so fundraisers who buy in bulk are already being offered a preferred price.


Please email requests to:


Thank you.  Celebrate!  Everyday!



Thanks to The Party Bazaar!

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